Here is what some of the Studio's students have said about their experiences:

There is nothing more powerful or uplifting than having a vocal teacher that gets you!  Charlene Pauls is that teacher for me.  Always keeping the vocal experience positive and enjoyable.

~ M. S. ~

I have had the honour of singing with Dr. Charlene Pauls for 5 years. Throughout that time, she demonstrated patience, kindness and empathy, which made me feel welcomed and comfortable in her studio. Dr. Pauls continuously encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone. This included: facilitating the exploration of my vocal range through the pieces she assigned me; providing different styles of music; and including acting in my vocal performances. Furthermore, she taught me breathing techniques that helped bring a fullness to my voice that was previously inconsistent due to my asthma. When giving a piece, she would give interesting background stories and explanations about the songs and their artists. I would sing these pieces at her studio recitals, which helped me gain confidence in myself, not only in my singing ability but also my public presentation skills. The atmosphere she set during the recitals was always warm and inviting. Performing in front of a crowd became much easier with the skills and tools she taught me. She helped me realize the full potential of my voice. I admire her incredible vocal talent and knowledge of the inner workings of the voice and music theory. I’m so grateful to have had Dr. Pauls as a teacher and hope to get the chance to work with her again.

~ A. S. ~

As a result of her warmth, knowledge and encouragement, Charlene has not only improved my voice, but my confidence too. Her passion for music and motivation make her a great teacher who encourages her students to get out of their comfort zones and grow as musicians and individuals.

~ H. L. ~

I started lessons with Charlene to improve my choral singing. But I learned so much and had so much fun that I kept on, and soon I had the confidence to sing solos in her studio recitals and even in a local music festival. Charlene is a warm, encouraging, and knowledgeable teacher, and, with her instruction, my vocal technique and musicianship has improved tremendously. My appreciation for the beauty and artistry of vocal music has grown as well—I’ve learned to listen better as well as to sing. And best of all, it’s been a blast!

~ P. S. ~

Charlene is like no other! She is a highly qualified, committed, compassionate, respectful musician and person with a flare to make your heart sing. Charlene comes to each lesson well prepared and flexible to help you stay on track. She has a unique quality of making you feel like you are the most important person in that moment. Charlene teaches all age groups and as I am a senior, she has endeavoured to help me grow vocally in ways I though I never could.

~ L. C. ~

I have been taking singing lessons from Charlene for approximately 5 years. Coordinating the various muscles needed for effective singing has been particularly challenging for me, and, over the years, Charlene has worked hard to create various visuals and exercises to help me put everything together. At no time has she seemed frustrated when I have taken a step back. She has an innate understanding of what types of pieces work best for a student, but remains receptive to our particular choices of music, whether it be classical or show tunes. She challenges appropriately, and has an understanding of areas of strength as well as areas that require particular attention. 


During this pandemic shutdown, Charlene has invested a great deal of time learning the technology required to teach via zoom relatively seamlessly, and has done so in order to make it user-friendly. She has passed on to us many of the “tricks” she has learned through the process. In wanting our whole learning experience to continue to be as “normal” as possible during the pandemic shutdown, she has continued to run her regular singing recitals, doing so through zoom, integrating the pieces we have sent her using a hodgepodge of technological methods. In putting together these zoom experiences, she has created an even greater feeling of “family” within her group of students.

~  J. L. ~

As an older student taking formal voice lessons for the first time I have been highly motivated by Charlene's positive, energetic and professional approach to instruction.  In only five lessons I have learned so much about breathing, relaxation, voice production and interpretation.  Charlene's online warm-up mini-sessions are a bonus that enhance my own practice sessions.  My confidence in my singing ability continues to grow with each lesson due to Charlene's detailed observations and guidance - and most importantly - her warm encouragement!

~ M. M. ~

These few sentences can't really convey the blend of expertise, sensitivity, support, and humour Charlene brings to her teaching. She has inspired me on many levels -- new techniques to improve my breathing, vocal stamina, and range, as well as ongoing encouragement to increase my confidence and test my limits. A gifted and intuitive teacher, she has an innate ability to bring out the best in her students. Thank you, Charlene, for caring so much and giving so much. Studying with you is a marvelous, musical adventure that renews the joy of singing!

~ J. F. ~

Charlene's enthusiasm, knowledge and beautiful voice is extraordinary and I recommend her highly.  She has the skill to motivate and encourage even a beginner like myself - instilling a passion to excel.


I am a senior who has been taking lessons from Charlene since January. I have no previous vocal training but have been a member of a church choir for several years. Our choir sings beautiful, but very challenging, music in the Anglican choral tradition. Charlene's expertise has improved my singing technique and taught me the fascinating mechanics of the voice. When the pandemic changed all of our lives in March, Charlene seamlessly switched to virtual classes so that our lessons could continue. Her dedication to music and to her students is undeniable.

~ J. M. ~

When I first decided to take vocal lessons, I was unsure whether I would have the capability to succeed in this new endeavour as I was only a beginner. That is until I found Charlene. She helped nurture my confidence as a singer and has helped me improve in many things such as projection and tone. Her ability to create a sense of community by offering studio recitals and festival opportunities has also helped me grow as a singer. Lastly, Charlene knows how to incorporate elements of fun such as choreography to singing making every class a fun memorable experience!

~ V. Z. ~

Charlene Pauls is a wonderful voice teacher. She has guided me through preparations for RCM exams in recent years with excellent results. Her breadth and depth of musical knowledge continues to inspire me. 


As a very accomplished soprano with a beautiful, resonant voice, Charlene models excellent singing techniques. As a skilled pedagogue, she can quickly diagnose vocal production issues and offer corrective measures that lead to fast and lasting improvements.

~ C. K. ~

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